Where can you find us?


As most of you know, my husband and I travel around in our 5th wheel and bring our pop up store to craft shows and festivals in the Kingman, Lake Havasu, Bullhead and Williams Arizona areas. This year we are thrilled to announce we will be headed BACK to the Pacific Northwest in the Summer of 2024 and we already have several fun filled festivals that we want to do. Everything is not quite cemented in yet so keep an ear tuned as more info will be coming.

As always, we are constantly looking for fun and interesting festivals and craft shows to go to so If you know about an event that you think might be a good fit for us, please feel free to contact us and we can talk about coming to your event. Thanks again for checking in!


April 2024

When: April 6th  Kingman Farmers Market 
Where:  Kingman, AZ

When: April 7th Lake Havasu Swap Meet 
Where:  Lake Havasu, AZ

When: April 19, 20 & 21  California Poppy Festival 
Where: Lancaster, CA

When: April 26, 27, 28  Thunder Rode Bike Fest 
Where: Kingman, AZ

May 2024

When: May 3rd & 4th Golden Valley Poppy Days 
Where:  Golden Valley, AZ

When: May 11 & 12  46th Annual Festival of the Arts
Where: Kingman, AZ

When: May 25th & 26th  44th Annual Pine\Strawberry Arts & Craft
Where: Pine/Strawberry, AZ

June 2024

Where:  AZ

July 2024

When: July 6th & 7th  Pine/Strawberry 4th of July Craft Show
Where: Pine/Strawberry, AZ

August 2024

When: August 8th to 17th  Northwest Washington Fair 
Where: Lynden, WA