All About Us was created for the purpose of bringing unique gifts to everyone, all around the world. So, how do we do that you ask? We went out and purchased a Boss 1420 Laser engraver and cutter. 

Picture of Boss 1420 Laser engraver and Cutter

With this, we have created dozens of unique gifts and presented them to the people at many South Western Art Shows, Exhibits and Galleries.  

From that, we were able to collect valuable feedback from our customers everywhere which led to our collection of twenty-five different styles of wood coasters in your choice of 4 different awesome colors of stain 


 Another great hit at the shows are our extremely elegant, Wine Bottle Gift Box Collection! Today, we offer 5 different styles in 5 different color stains that are sure to dazzle and delight everyone who receives one. At there is something for everyone.


We are currently working on expanding our collection of wooden earrings. You can get most of our styles in either post or wire earrings. We have added over 30 styles for you to see and enjoy, from our Halloween to our Victorian style earrings there is sure to be something here for everyone.


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